Velvet Rut – Card Pull #1

19 Jul

Before I was married and had kids I was able to check my cameras as often as I wanted. These days, I feel that I’m lucky if I can find 5 minutes to sit down and take a crap. With that said, this weekend I was finally able to break away from the family and check my trail cameras. If you have have followed this blog at all, you should know that checking trail cameras might be one of my favorite things to do. Shall we begin…



I gave this buck the name of “Dork”, because I wasn’t feeling very creative that day.


On my hit-list for three years now, a buck I had given the name “Dork” is still cruising the the farm. Almost 100% nocturnal, I have only seen this buck from the stand one time during the 2014 early season. Other than that spotting, all of the other information I have received about this deer has been through trail cameras. Over those three years, I have learned that my farm is not in his core area. Yes, he shows up on camera every summer, but not on a regular basis. Once September hits, he makes his way to a different property only returning once or twice towards the end of the rut to check for those last available does. Again, during the middle of the night. Realistically, and based on the data I have from past years, the only shot I might have at this buck would be if for some reason he makes the mistake of chasing a doe by my stand during mid November. But then again, anything can happen.



This makes the 2nd daylight picture I have of this buck from earlier this summer.


The next buck (2 Pac), one of whom I have even more history with, is a deer that I was introduced to on November 24th 2013. It was a frosty and extremely cold morning When I heard crunching coming towards the stand. I initially thought is was a raccoon,  but when I turned my head I  saw a 4 year old 10 pointer making his way out of draw and working his way towards my stand. At that time I was trying to film my hunts, so instead of reaching for my bow I reached for my camera. Long story short, I let him walk through 2 of my shooting lanes to try and get him on film. When he finally did stop, he was hard quartering away at 30 yards. I rushed and let an arrow fly hitting him high and way back. Lesson learned. This year I am guessing him to be about 7 years old, and he is absolutely beautiful.



Although I think he would have scored higher last year, if this buck presents an opportunity this year, there is no doubt I’m going to take it.


No doubt about it, this is the body of a mature buck.

No doubt about it, this is the body of a mature buck.



Hey look, two does fighting!


Rounding out the first official card pull card pull of the year are a couple bucks who caught my eye.


Can you say WIDE! Any guesses on the inside spread?



I believe this is the 2nd year of pictures from this 8. He looks to be mature, and as of now he is sitting on the fringe of my hit-list.


Another returning customer, this buck I believe is a 4 year and that puts him on my hit-list based on age alone.

Another returning customer, this buck I believe is a 4 year and that puts him on my hit-list based on age alone.



Last but least, a couple of buck that are either 3 or 4. Decent body size on both of them but nothing that really screams they are mature.


There are two cameras on the main farm that I didn’t get a chance to check before some thunderstorms moved in. I will be checking them either this weekend or have to wait until August when I set up my treestands and go for the 2nd card pull. Now it’s time to start shooting my bow, a lot.

Thanks for your time,
Dan (DFW)




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  1. Bill Borkowicz September 16, 2016 at 9:01 pm #

    How about a wireless trailcam? You can get alerts whenever new pics are available…

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