Late Season Plan

22 Dec

Now that shotgun season is finally over here in Iowa, the deer will hopefully begin to settle down and get back to some sort of routine bedding to food pattern. In past seasons it has been difficult finding one or both of these two areas as the deer have have literately had the daylights scared out of them, evoking most of their movement to be nocturnal. After looking at the forecast for the next couple weeks, it doesn’t look like mother nature is going to help me out with any snow or extremely cold temperatures. So i’ll have to continue to check my trail cameras to see if there is any movement close to shooting light.

Speaking of trail cameras, this weekend was a little upsetting. Friday was the first time since I started hunting this property in October that I did not have any of the three shooters show up on camera. December 12 was the last time any mature bucks have been spotted. Maybe they found a safer place to hide, maybe their dead. Either way, my goal this late season is to get more meat in the freezer and I have no problem using my buck tag on a doe if the opportunity presents itself. But, there is still just under 3 weeks of season left and anything can happen. Hoping for about a foot of snow and a 30º temperature drop.


I found the late season food source and I know where the bedding is. Now it's time to get a stand right in the middle.

I found the late season food source and I know where the bedding is. Now it’s time to get a stand right in the middle.


So here’s the plan. Because the property is narrow and the neighbors also hunt, I don’t have many options for access. The best bet is to walk the southern property line to the western property line then walk directly north to one of two stand locations. This access route is not the easiest. It is thick and not very quiet, but if I take my time getting in there I should be OK. As I have mentioned in other articles and on the Wired To Hunt podcast the wind on this property is very inconsistent. Most of the time the wind shifts 180º at a time blowing back and forth like an ocean tide.

Both stands are located in an areas where multiple trails converge to head down the hill to the creek crossing. My stands are above the neighbors food plots where I am not only directly between the bedding and the food, but I have an awesome view of a couple fields below me, one is the neighbors food plot. Yes, I am using someone else’s food plot to try and kill deer on the property I have permission to hunt. The best wind would be straight out of the west, meaning the wind will be blowing from the east on this property, not sure why, just how the terrain effects the wind. Any wind directly from the north or south should be OK as my scent would then be following the creek system not effecting much.

My goal will be to first hunt the southern most stand to observe the movement to the north unless the wind is out of the south then I will try to make it to the northern most stand to avoid the deer that could be crossing to the north catching my scent. Because this is the late season, I’m not real concerned with spooking deer. They are used to a little human activity and even human scent, so I will be a little more aggressive than normal. This is really my only plan for the late season.

Whether you are holding out for the buck you have been chasing all year or trying to fill the freezer, good luck to any of you who plan on toughing out the late grind for one last chance of harvesting a deer.

Thanks for reading,
Dan (DFW)

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  1. Asa Phillips December 22, 2015 at 6:13 pm #

    Good luck man, that looks like some tight quarters to slip through to that northern stand. But it can’t all be rainbows and skittles. Just trust your plan and harness the power of your spirit animal… (imagine the last part in the voice of a wise old shaman)

  2. Tom Waters December 22, 2015 at 6:39 pm #

    We’re in the same boat, Dan. I’ve taken four does here in Kentucky, but still have my buck tag. These temps have been unbelievable. Good luck, sir!

  3. Adam Parr December 27, 2015 at 3:34 am #

    Great read, Dan. I admire your persistence during the late season and great illustration of your plan. Thanks for sharing!

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