Hunting Resolutions

29 Dec


Here I go again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known.


Although the 2015 hunting season isn’t officially over until January 10th, I have been doing a lot of thinking about next season. I have been thinking about what goals I want to accomplish and what steps I need to take to accomplish those goals. I have also been thinking about my next western trip and what options I have available to be. So lets run through 2016 in chronological order.

Not sure how many times I will get out to the stand before the end of the season, I guess that depends on if I go to the ATA show or if I stay behind to hunt. The last time I check my trail cameras all three deer I have deemed shooters have disappeared. On the last card pull I noticed that a new buck on the property had already cast one of his antlers, not surprised as the earliest I have ever found a shed was December 18th. I will be focusing a lot of my time and energy towards the podcast trying to schedule guests and hopefully get you guys some more free gear.

Because I will be running trail cameras most of the winter I will be keeping an eye out for those missing bucks to hopefully return to the area. At the end of every season I throw out some corn to assist in keeping deer in the area, in turn improving my odds for finding sheds. With that said, I will also be doing a lot of shed hunting on the new farms that I picked up at the beginning of this season. This will allow me to do a thorough job of scouting the property, observing the terrain and finding the sweet spots for next year.

After shed hunting I will be turning my attention to killing a turkey with a bow, and for the first time ever I will be planting a food plot. Because I want to do it right, I will need to do a lot of reading on the subject and use my resources to make sure that I don’t just waste a lot of time and money by half-assing it. I will be working with an area roughly 30 ‘x 100’. I have no clue what I want to plant or how I’m going to take care of the logistics. If you have any food plot planting experience feel free to leave me any tips or advice in the comments section below.

Then, about late May or early June, I will start setting out my mineral stations and getting my trail cameras back up and running. I love watching the antler development and slowly putting together a hit-list of the the bucks I will be chasing this fall. I call it The Velvet Rut because it gets me fired up for the season. Knowing what deer are in the area can be a huge motivator when it come to the next huge summer task.

Typically in early to mid August, and typically the hottest day of the year, I head in to the wood to hang my treestands and cut any necessary shooting lanes. Every year I tell myself that I want to have 10-15 stand locations ready for the season, and every year I fall short of that goal due to time constraints. I will be studying maps to find the best access routes in and out of my stand locations. And this year, starting now, I will be doing a ton of door knocking. They say you can never have enough property, and when you share property with other hunters I feel that’s 100% true. I need to find some more property closer to home so I can get out more times during the work week.


Where I release my stress.

Where I release my stress.


Since I got back from my Idaho elk hunting trip have done nothing but think about going back. There is something about the west that calls to me on a daily basis. I have already been thinking about what I want to do. Do I head back to Idaho for some redemption or do I go back to the Sandhills of Nebraska to chase mule deer, antelope, and whitetails. Time, family and in the end the almighty dollar will be deciding factors. First things first, I need to get back in to the gym on a regular basis and start peeling this extra weight I put on since November. My elk hunt was hard enough, now I know what kind of shape I need to be in to really make climbing those damn mountains easier.

By that time it will almost be bow season here in Iowa. I guess I’ll do what I do every year and try to kill a couple of does to fill the freezer. Then as the season progresses, try to pattern a mature buck and give him my hard shaft. (Had to.) I am going going to be exploring some new strategies this year, one of them includes the use of a decoy. Don’t worry, I’ll screw it up somehow.

Other then that I will continue to shoot my bow as much as possible, might try to fit a new bow in to my budget. But as we all know it is easier said then done when it comes to preparing and following through on hunting related goals. These days life is a bit crazy and I know that anything can happen… good and bad. Wish me luck!

Let me be the first to wish you all a happy new year and I hope all of your wildest dreams come true.

Thanks for reading,
Dan (DFW)


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  1. Bruce January 3, 2016 at 1:18 am #

    Good luck Dan! I’m going to use a tree stand for the first time this season. I’ve used ladder stands and tripod stands before, now I have my own climber. My goal is at least one deer from the stand.

  2. Kristopher March 25, 2017 at 2:06 pm #

    Awesome Post ! Thank you for sharing

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