Cold Front + High Pressure = Get In The Stand

15 Oct

It's the cold front we have all been waiting for! Get in the damn tree!

It’s the cold front we have all been waiting for! Get in the tree!


If you live in the mid-west, east of the Mississippi River, and north of Mason Dixon Line, it would be in your best interest to be in a treestand this weekend. There is a massive cold front coming through the northern part of the country that will more than likely have deer on their feet. As the temperatures drop it will be followed by a high pressure system that looks like it will be settling over Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois Friday night into Saturday morning and working its way east over the next couple days.

Why am I so excited?

From a temperature standpoint the average daily high over the last 5 days was roughly 74°F. The forecast for Friday and Saturday is calling for a high around 55°F. That’s almost a full 20° temperature drop from the previous weeks average. Of course, these are numbers from the area that I hunt. From my understanding, states to the north and east are expected to have an even more drastic shift in temperatures. Depending on where you live you might even see some snow.

From the time you read this to Saturday morning the barometric pressure will be rising and reaching its peak around 11:00am and holding steady until Sunday mid-day when it starts to drop.


Red line is temperature and black line is pressure. Notice the huge temperature drop and increased pressure over the weekend.

Red line is temperature and black line is pressure. Notice the huge temperature drop and increased pressure throughout the weekend.


What will the deer be doing? 

This time of year, for the most part, the deer are still on a bed to food pattern. From what I have seen from the treestand and from the information I gathered while opening up the stomachs of the deer I harvested this weekend, the deer are feeding on acorns. The bucks have started to lay down sign on the way to and from these areas.

As we all know, weather systems can be the biggest influence in deer movement. With that said, the deer should be up and moving earlier than normal to their current food source. If you get a chance to check your trail cameras between now and the time the cold front hits, I strongly suggest it. This will give you an idea of their current patters and hopefully you will have a target buck on that camera that will be moving earlier because of this front.

Where should you hunt?

I’m sorry I can’t give you an exact answer because I don’t hunt your farm. But here’s what I’ll be doing. I will be set up between a popular bedding area and a picked corn field that over the years has produced a large number of rubs and scrapes. A small creek runs through the area and creates a strip of timber that runs between the creek and the corn field. In this timber are a couple of acorn trees where the deer tend to stage before entering the field or working their way to other parts of the farm. So in a way it’s almost like a pinch point. The deer feel comfortable there and with a northwest wind my scent profile will be blowing down the east side of the timber and in to the corn field. There are several trails that lead out of the bedding area and my stand is located where two intersect the sign.

I am taking a bit of a risk. The last time I was in this area was in July to set up the tree stand that I will be hunting out of. Since then the property has been logged, the corn has come out, and there is a possibility that this could have drastically changed deer movement, especially for mature bucks. Because I don’t have a trail camera in near that area and I have yet to hunt this stand this season, I have no idea what is happening. I’m basically going off historical information.

Long story short, find a main trail leading off of a food source to a bedding area and set up over the first fresh sign you find.

Time of year…

Let’s get one thing straight, this weekend is not the rut. The deer are not going to be running around the timber snort-wheezing every 15 minutes. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel the bucks are still on the bed to food pattern. Even thought this cold front will have deer on their feet, they’re not going to be up at noon and late to bed at 11:00am.

Good luck this weekend and don’t be afraid to hop in one of your best stands. Watch your wind, watch you access routes, and go kill something. I forgot… wear your damn safety harness.

Thanks for reading,
Dan (DFW)

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  1. Travis October 16, 2015 at 1:12 am #


    Love the chronicles and the WTH podcast. Ive been watching the weather for this weekend for the past week and there are so many things lining up that I am doing something that I dont normally do this time of year. Getting aggressive. Not only are we having a huge cold front pushing through this weekend in west central IN but we are showing a rising barometer all three days (F,S,Su), and moon that will be directly over head between 4-630pm all three days. Im taking the lone wolf in tight to a bedding area of a giant buck I call Mule, and going to set it up on a scrape/rub line that heads towards the biggest white oaks on the farm and then to the only standing beans left on my farm. I have killer access, the wind will be perfect for me AND Mule. Needless to say Im a little anxious. Good luck this weekend and keep up the good work.

    • Dan Johnson October 16, 2015 at 11:35 am #


      Thanks for the kind words. Good luck, I hope you get to lay eyes on him or get a change to draw back. Keep me posted on what happens.

      Dan (DFW)

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