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12 May



I have idea… but I need your help.

When I started this podcast thing I had hunting gear in mind. When we did the bow review series a while back, many of you contacted me either wanting more information about hunting equipment or wanted to voice your opinion on a specific product that you recently purchased. This next podcast series is going to solve both those issues. For many of us, before we purchase our hunting gear, we read reviews on the product. However, we don’t really know where those reviews are coming from, if they are from actual customers, or if the bad review have been deleted by the company (happens all the time). There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see that could affect the credibility of the review system. Plus, by now we should all know that we can’t get our product information from the TV shows.

So here’s the plan…

I want to interview YOU the end user, about any hunting products that you have recently purchased, your opinion of that product and how that product performed. I don’t want this to turn in to a “shit-talking session”, I want this to be honest reviews from honest hunters.  Here’s some of the areas I want to cover:

  • Where did you hear about the product?
  • What kind of research did you do before you purchased the product?
  • Where did you buy the product?
  • What was the cost?
  • How did the product perform?
  • Did you follow the recommended instructions?
  • Positives vs. Negatives
  • Would you purchase again?
  • Would you recommend this products?
  • … and any other questions pertaining to that product.

No product is off limits, I want to talk about any and every product that a bowhunter may use throughout their season. Treestands, arrows, broadheads, camo, food plot seed, scents, boots… everything. There is one catch, if you work for the company, are a member of the pro-staff, or work for a marketing agency for the company you want to review… sorry, I have pass. We have to keep this as pure as possible. Like everything I do, I have no idea how this is going to work at first. It will be a work in progress.

If you are interested in taking part in this “experiment” please send me an email at with what product or products you would like to review.

So… who’s in?

– Dan (DFW)

3 Responses to “New Podcast Series | Product Reviews”

  1. Jon Livingston May 17, 2016 at 8:00 pm #

    Great idea Dan! This is very refreshing to see as there are so many biased reviews out there. Just take trail cams. I wonder how many people actually know when they read a camera review, then link to a page to purchase it, they are paying the person or company that wrote the review. Amazon affiliates have taken over Google. Nine times out of ten the review is biased. Just because they say it’s a non-biased review doesn’t mean it’s not, especially if you’re selling trail cameras!

    Hope this works out well.

  2. Josh May 31, 2016 at 9:36 pm #


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