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A Short Walk

1 Mar


  For those of you who are shed hunters, this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous and a perfect time to knock the dust off my legs that had accumulated over the month of January. This weekend also marked my daughters 3rd birthday… man time fly’s. Saturday was spent with the family eating cake and ice […]

2016 Goals

16 Feb


I have been doing a lot of reflecting about the past lately, especially past hunting seasons. What did I do right, what did I do wrong, and what could I have done differently to reach the goals I set for myself before the season starts. This gave me an idea… what are your hunting and […]

Knock Knock Hunt

4 Feb


I don’t want to sound greedy, but you can never have enough hunting property. I found that out the hard way this year. Between logging and hunting pressure, I used every piece of property I had access to this season, and I still felt like my hunts were being interrupted or I was wasting my […]

Planning for 2016

20 Jan


Here we go again! The season is over and it’s time do some reflecting on the past season, but more importantly, start preparing for 2016. Most nights, after the kids are in bed, I pull out the iPad and spend some time on Google Earth, basically daydreaming about hunting out west. And when I say […]

Velvet Rut | Welcome Back Old Friends

21 Aug

Sprouting two additional points on each side there are literally tines everywhere.

As you have probably read in previous blogs, I love checking my trail cameras throughout the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love big bucks, but when a deer you have been following for several years shows up for the 3rd year in a row, it just adds to the excitement. You are able to […]

Huntin’ Truck

6 May

This GMC Sonoma has been a huge part of my life the past 10 years.

  I love my truck. Like a loyal woman she has never failed me. If she had a name it would probably be something like Rhonda or Barb. And although time has taken its toll on her, she remains a crucial part of my yearly whitetail endeavor. Since I purchased her in 2005 I have […]

Becoming A Better Predator

25 Mar


The first time I met our guest writer we were the worst of enemies staring across the line of scrimmage at each other in what was one of the all-time greatest athletic rivalries in the history of history. Now Matt Doughty is keeping the people of Des Moines, IA in tip-top shape. During a conversation we had […]

The Big Buck Equation

19 Mar

Here is Edward Scissorhands as a 5 1/2 year old.

When it comes to killing a “big buck” nothing is guaranteed. Even perfect scenarios hold variables that are impossible to keep constant. Unlike a math equation, the big buck equation is made up entirely of variables. Every category influencing other categories thus increasing or decreasing the odds of harvesting your “big buck”.  Don’t get discouraged […]

Miles For A Small Pile

11 Mar


The basic definition of shed hunting is walking back and forth looking for antlers that have fallen from bucks that are living in the area. But for me, it’s much more than that. It’s a time to get out and celebrate Mother Nature’s divorce from Old Man Winter. A time to breath fresh air and […]

Shed Hunting… Maybe

3 Mar

Hopefully all the antlers are on top of the snow.

  First off, I only tolerate cold and crappy weather when there is some sort of hunting season in progress. As soon as the season is over I become like everyone else and love to bitch about how much I hate the snow, ice, and the poor driving skills of others. Now that it’s March […]

Things That Piss Me Off

17 Feb


While you read this please think of things that piss you off then comment below! Whether it’s because of something I did or the actions of someone else, it seems that several times a year I get pissed off due to things not going as planned. Honestly, the only time I get mad is on […]


4 Feb

Dolla dolla bills y'all!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me The above phrase became somewhat popular in the 90’s by a rap group that called themselves The Wu-Tang Clan. So what the hell does a Wu-Tang Clan song have to do with hunting you ask? Nothing! But I’ll answer that question with another question. How much money did you spend […]

Flipping The Switch

26 Jan


I can’t remember the exact day and time the switch was flipped, but I do know the year. It was 2006 and I had just moved back to Iowa after living in Alabama and Georgia over the past year and a half. I had always been an outdoors kind of guy, camping, hunting, fishing… but […]

Now What?

13 Jan

Shed Hunting

For the second year in a row I am forced to eat Tag Soup. It’s not the first time I’ve eaten it, and it won’t be the last. Some years it tastes bland, while other years it taste like shit. This year was wasn’t the worst season I’ve ever had, nor was it the best. […]

A Season of Trail Camera Pictures

7 Jan


Whether it’s summer and I’m trying to put together a hit list for the upcoming season or during the hunting season and I’m trying to locate a buck, one of my favorite things to do is to check my trail cameras. I guess it’s the anticipation that I love. There’s nothing better than flipping through […]

The Unwritten Rules of Shed Hunting

22 Mar

Shed hunting is awesome!

Here are a couple simple rules that I live by in regards to sheds and shed hunting, at least if you’re shed hunting with me:   1. The first side found gets the second side. – If you are walking with a group of people and and person #1 finds an antler and a little […]

A Weekend of Scoopin’

20 Mar

Miles for piles! A small pile, but a good pile.

  A typical shed hunting season can start as early as December and last until early April depending on how long the deer hold their antlers. Before I was married and when I lived closer to my hunting properties I was abel to walk every inch of a property a couple times a season. I […]