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A New Perspective On Broadhead Performance

28 Jul


by John Porter Introduction The purpose of this report is to re-analyze the broadhead performance from the 2015 Outdoor Life Magazine broadhead test article titled “The Best Broadheads: 29 Fixed-Blade and Mechanical Broadheads, Tested”. The testing procedures appeared controlled, and the array of broadheads was plentiful. Outdoor Life Magazine tested 29 broadheads and were able […]

New Podcast Series | Product Reviews

12 May


  I have idea… but I need your help. When I started this podcast thing I had hunting gear in mind. When we did the bow review series a while back, many of you contacted me either wanting more information about hunting equipment or wanted to voice your opinion on a specific product that you […]

ATA Intriguing Products

8 Jan


After walking for what seemed like 100’s of miles up and down the isles of this years ATA show and looking at 100’s of products, my feet hurt and I’m happy to be home. For those of you who have never had a chance the ATA show, let me break it down for you. First, […]

Reader Challenge | Bow Reviews

29 Dec


Let’s try something different…     With a majority of the bow manufactures on the market getting ready to release or already having released their 2016 bow lineup, I was thinking about where I could go to get a good honest review of those bows. In the past I have read reviews in major magazines that basically […]

Huntin’ Truck

6 May

This GMC Sonoma has been a huge part of my life the past 10 years.

  I love my truck. Like a loyal woman she has never failed me. If she had a name it would probably be something like Rhonda or Barb. And although time has taken its toll on her, she remains a crucial part of my yearly whitetail endeavor. Since I purchased her in 2005 I have […]

Hunting Survey Results

10 Feb

Broad heads

Last week I asked you to take part in a short survey about what bow brand, camo brand, tree stand brand, and broadhead style you use. Below are the results from 90 individuals who took the survey. What does it all mean? I’m really not sure, but for some reason I find these statics interesting […]


4 Feb

Dolla dolla bills y'all!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me The above phrase became somewhat popular in the 90’s by a rap group that called themselves The Wu-Tang Clan. So what the hell does a Wu-Tang Clan song have to do with hunting you ask? Nothing! But I’ll answer that question with another question. How much money did you spend […]

Gear – Part 3: Accessorize

16 Jul

The better to see you with.

I have an entire tote of “hunting stuff” in my garage of gear that I don’t even use anymore… unopened earth scented wafers, giant bow hooks, throwback camo, old calls, and contraptions that I don’t even know what they are used for. As time goes on and I continue to grow as a hunter the […]

Gear – Part 2: The Hunt

9 Jul

Ripcord Arrow Rest

First off I want to apologize for being a day late on this blog. My daughter is going through another round of teething and for those of you who are parents I think you can relate. For those of you who can’t relate, just remember to use a condom. Now then… The last Gear Blog […]

Gear – Part 1: The Shot

1 Jul

I love this bow! Be sure to try Elite before you buy your next bow.

I was shooting my bow the other night brainstorming about what my next blog post should be about. I looked down at my bow, arrows, and the rest of the gear I use that currently sits in the corner of my garage and realized that I am not really a gear head when it comes […]

Phase 2: Trail Cameras

22 May

It's time to start thinking about getting your trail cameras out.

    This weekend I implement Phase 2: Setting up my trail cameras over top of my mineral stations and on some heavy trails. After using trail cameras religiously over the past 5 years, I can’t imagine my life without them. I live an hour away from my main hunting farms so trail cameras do […]

3 Products for Bigger Bucks

13 May

Put down your shed antlers, here comes the black rack.

When it comes to hunting mature whitetails the gear you use plays a very important role. Whether you are trying to lure them in or keep them from spooking, what products you have in the stand or blind with you will directly impact your success. I have been hunting for over 20 years and have […]