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Hunting Pressured Bucks

21 Nov


by Dan Johnson It’s November and a cold front is coming through. The wind is absolutely perfect for you to hunt a stand that you have been daydreaming about all year. The barometric pressure is rising and the moon guide is showing favorable hunting conditions. You have done your scouting and have studied maps to […]


9 Jun


  Finally! I usually try to have my 100% mineral stations and trail cameras up and running by the first of May. But recently my life feels like it’s in overdrive with family and work responsibilities taking front and center. However, this past weekend I was able to sneak away  for a half a day […]

2016 Goals

16 Feb


I have been doing a lot of reflecting about the past lately, especially past hunting seasons. What did I do right, what did I do wrong, and what could I have done differently to reach the goals I set for myself before the season starts. This gave me an idea… what are your hunting and […]

Something So Simple…

11 Feb


For those people who really know me, and have known me for a good amount of time, know that I am as laid back as it gets. They also know that I don’t get mad very often and am able to brush off just about anything. Maybe it’s my lack of sleep, or the fact […]

Knock Knock Hunt

4 Feb


I don’t want to sound greedy, but you can never have enough hunting property. I found that out the hard way this year. Between logging and hunting pressure, I used every piece of property I had access to this season, and I still felt like my hunts were being interrupted or I was wasting my […]

Don’t Ever Forget

28 Jan

Hunting is my passion, it is my life.

Here is a really quick article I wrote the other night while I was up with the flu.     How many of you remember your very first trip in to the timber? Do you remember the sights, sounds, and smells? Do you remember the excitement, the anticipation? Were you by yourself, with your father […]

Planning for 2016

20 Jan


Here we go again! The season is over and it’s time do some reflecting on the past season, but more importantly, start preparing for 2016. Most nights, after the kids are in bed, I pull out the iPad and spend some time on Google Earth, basically daydreaming about hunting out west. And when I say […]

Reader Challenge | Bow Reviews

29 Dec


Let’s try something different…     With a majority of the bow manufactures on the market getting ready to release or already having released their 2016 bow lineup, I was thinking about where I could go to get a good honest review of those bows. In the past I have read reviews in major magazines that basically […]

Hunting Resolutions

29 Dec


  Although the 2015 hunting season isn’t officially over until January 10th, I have been doing a lot of thinking about next season. I have been thinking about what goals I want to accomplish and what steps I need to take to accomplish those goals. I have also been thinking about my next western trip […]

Reader Success | Cameron Frowick

15 Dec


By Cameron Frowick     The year 2010 marked the first year of my Trail Camera Addiction. I purchased my first camera for our family farm here in East Texas which sits on the Angelina River in the heart of the piney woods region of the state. Acorns, food plots, and feeders was the name of the game while […]

Haters Gonna Hate

10 Dec


  In the world we live in it seems like everyone voices their opinion behind a keyboard, either on some form social media, through emails, or in online forums. There are times when those opinions are valid and based on facts, and there are other times when those opinions come from a crazy asshole who […]

Gun Season *sigh*

2 Dec


Just to let everyone know this is not a “gun hunter vs. bow hunter” article. Just a couple reasons and examples of why I am drawn to the bow. This isn’t my best article, just some random thoughts typed out. Enjoy!     Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t care if you hunt with […]

Whitetail “5 Why”

19 Nov


If you have any type of manufacturing background you may be familiar with the term “5 Why”. For those of you who are not, I’ll fill you in. It’s a process that is used to help identify the root-cause of a particular problem or defect in any workflow. This process is done several times because […]

Those Guys…

29 Oct

That Guy2

We all have that one friend or know of a guy who consistently lays down big bucks every year. He’ll send you a text or you will see a picture on Facebook in July or August of a giant buck in velvet he captured on one of his trail cameras. Then another picture in late […]

An End To October

26 Oct


  So far this hunting season has not gone the way I envisioned it as far as time in the tree or time on the property is concerned. I’m behind on my trail cameras, behind on treestand placement, and most importantly behind on patterning a mature buck. Usually, by this time every year I have […]

Reader Success Story | Thomas Arnott

20 Oct


  October 9, 2015 I was hunting a new property in Ohio I had just got permission to shed hunt that spring. I was hunting on 40 acres of timber surrounded by cut corn. I was in a tree stand 20 yards off of the field, on a ditch line that runs threw the property. […]

Attention Deficit Disorder

16 Oct


To be honest I should have taken today off work. I’m so jacked about this cold front coming through that my mind is mashed potatoes. I will do my best to focus at work and at least try to look like I’m doing something productive. For those of you who sit in front of a […]

Doe Patrol

14 Oct

The spoils of the hunt!

The original plan this past Friday was to get out of work a little early so I had enough time to stop by the house to switch vehicles before I made the hour drive south to my main hunting property, and still have to set up a stand.  A small cold front was in the […]

Opening Weekend

6 Oct


The moment all of us have been waiting has finally arrived. It’s bow season! Like most of you, this week my life productivity was very low. Checking my phone, what felt like every 10 minutes, for up-to-date weather forecasts in order to know the right wind direction. I wonder how much time I spend on […]

Opening Day Reminder

1 Oct

After the morning hunt on Saturday and before my leaking tires we checked a couple trail cameras.

Today is opening day in Iowa. I don’t know about you, but I’m freakin’ excited. The crops are coming out, the leaves are beginning to change, and the moment us bow hunters have long awaited is finally here. But let’s, if only for one moment, turn the excitement level down and focus on some very important […]

Sharing Property With Other Hunters

24 Sep

One of my Coverts waiting on a fence post.

Unless you are blessed with owning or leasing your own property or have sole permission to hunt a private farm, you are more than likely sharing hunting rights with other hunters. Especially if you only hunt public ground.     Over the years I have come in contact with several different personalities while hunting, most […]

8 Days Until Bow Season

22 Sep

Here is one of my trail camera setups overlooking a drive between a corn and bean field.

Now that I’m back from my Idaho trip there are only 8 days until Iowa opens their archery season. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. In the next 8 days there are still a couple of tasks I need to complete before I climb in the stand for the first time. Here they […]

Son Of A B*%#&!

11 Sep

Mark Kenyon is an absolute stud of a deer.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling he will be displaced this season because of the logging.

  I know I’v mentioned this 1000 times, but I live over an hour away from my main hunting property. With that said, every trip down there needs to be as efficient as possible. Wednesday after work I packed up my daughter and decided to check my trail cameras one last time before I headed […]

Don’t Blow It Too Early

1 Sep

How pumped is too pumped for deer season?

  If you’re a serious whitetail addict like myself then right about now the “fever” is setting in pretty strong. This “fever” can’t be cured by more cowbell, can’t be suppressed by drugs or alcohol, and won’t go away if you ignore it. There’s only one cure, and that’s time spent in a ground blind […]

Definition of a “Good Hunter”

27 Aug


Please excuse me while I rant: I was scrolling through my social media feeds last week and noticed a comment about a particular hunting personality being a “good hunter”. I’ve always asked myself what makes a good hunter, so I made sure to tune in to their TV show this week to see how good […]

Velvet Rut | Welcome Back Old Friends

21 Aug

Sprouting two additional points on each side there are literally tines everywhere.

As you have probably read in previous blogs, I love checking my trail cameras throughout the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love big bucks, but when a deer you have been following for several years shows up for the 3rd year in a row, it just adds to the excitement. You are able to […]

Cast A Net Using Trail Cameras

14 Aug


And on the 8th day God created trail cameras…   I’ll be honest, I relay on my trail cameras way more than I probably should. In the summer they sit over mineral stations and agriculture fields and allow me to take inventory of the bucks in the area. Then, about the same time the velvet […]

Don’t Over-think

6 Aug

Does the moon phase really matter if you can only hunt specific days?

I feel that high pressure and moon positioning does have an effect on deer movement. But should you consider it if you can only hunt a certain number of days throughout the season?     Barometric pressure, moon phase, wind direction, scent profile, temperature, precipitation, tree stand location, tree stand access, terrain, blah blah blah blah […]

Velvet Rut – Welcome Back Old Friends

28 Jul


If you’re not running trail cameras during the summer months, you’re missing out. Other than actually hunting, and up there with finding sheds, flipping through trail camera pictures for the first time is one of my favorite parts about the year-long obsession with these animals. As I mentioned in the previous “Velvet Rut” blog, I […]

Threat Level Based On Scent Potency

21 Jul


I had this crazy idea pop in my head before I went to bed last night. I hope it makes sense and doesn’t make me sound like a jackass who is trying to sound smarter than they really are. Over the past 10 years I have seen deer do some amazing things with their nose. […]

Nose Jammer Giveaway

16 Jul


And the winners are: David Barbery Kirk Warrington Eric Hull Bryan Boose Austin Janssen Tyler Brosius Congratulations to the winners are keep an eye out for more blogs, videos, and giveaways! Thanks for playing! Dan (DFW)   To piggyback off of this weeks new blog about accessing your stands I called up Bob from Nose […]

Scent Profiles & Treestand Access

15 Jul

Here is how I will approach this stand on an east or southeast wind direction. Note the bad access route that would ruin any movement from the bedding area.

Right now a majority of you probably have your trail cameras out capturing the velvet rut and taking inventory of the bucks you will be hunting the fall. Some of you have may have already been out in the timber scouting the properties you can hunt looking for the best stand locations. Some of you may be […]

Hunting Outside The Box

6 Jul

Notice the deer are using the terrain features and the crop transitions as their travel routes.

When it comes to locating and killing mature bucks most of the talk revolves around finding where they are bedding in the timber. As we all know, deer are not confined to the woods, especially during late summer and early fall when a majority of the crops are still standing. Many hunters, myself included, tend […]

Velvet Rut – 2015 1st Card Pull

15 Jun


  Sunday morning after a month of soaking in the timber, I fought the hoards of mosquitoes and headed out to change the SD cards and perform a little trail camera maintenance. From a trail camera standpoint, last year was one of the best picture years I have ever had. I had several mature deer […]

Western Preparation | Update

12 Jun

Purchased this target earlier this week. Hope it helps!

My current sleep schedule is averaging somewhere around 4 hours a night. I am trying to fit being a father and husband, working out, home owner responsibilities, shooting my bow, remodeling, blog upkeep, writing articles for magazines, and work into the 20 hours that I’m awake. Now that I’ve written it out… holy shit! My […]

Mineral Station Success

19 May


  As most of you know my son was born on the 26th of last month, so I’m blaming him for not getting my trail cameras and mineral stations out until this past weekend. Usually they would have been soaking for about a month and I would already have a good idea of what deer […]

Huntin’ Truck

6 May

This GMC Sonoma has been a huge part of my life the past 10 years.

  I love my truck. Like a loyal woman she has never failed me. If she had a name it would probably be something like Rhonda or Barb. And although time has taken its toll on her, she remains a crucial part of my yearly whitetail endeavor. Since I purchased her in 2005 I have […]

Archer & Hunter – Levi Morgan

16 Apr

Traveling to a variety of locations, Levi will be hunting 9 different big game animals this year alone.

Last week I had the pleasure of having a short conversation with one of the best compound archers on the planet. In the 45 minutes that we spoke I realized the passion he had for his family, the sport of archery, and hunting.      Believe it or not, the first arrow Levi Morgan ever […]

Whitetail Memories

14 Apr


  Saturday morning while I was giving my garage a thorough spring cleaning I ran across something that made me stop and do a little reminiscing. I opened up a 55 gallon trashcan where I keep all of my smaller and chewed up sheds. Laying right on top of the pile was the rack of […]

Edward Scissorhands | Video

3 Apr

This is a still shot taken from the footage of aback I passed about four years ago. I regret not taking a shot on this buck.

This video clip is a little long, but I left it as is because I wanted to show everyone the way these animals behave. How they can materialize out of nowhere and stand perfectly still for several minutes. Enjoy…     At the beginning of every season I do my best to put together a hit-list of bucks that […]

Whitetail Dilemma

30 Mar

This is a trail camera photo of a buck I called Shipwreck. I shot in 2010, but he survived.

  Life is full of tough decisions. For example, deciding when to quit a job and find greener pastures, when to marry the woman you have fallen in love with, or when to pack up and move to a new state. Decisions like these come with their fair share of stress and can often throw […]

Becoming A Better Predator

25 Mar


The first time I met our guest writer we were the worst of enemies staring across the line of scrimmage at each other in what was one of the all-time greatest athletic rivalries in the history of history. Now Matt Doughty is keeping the people of Des Moines, IA in tip-top shape. During a conversation we had […]

The Big Buck Equation

19 Mar

Here is Edward Scissorhands as a 5 1/2 year old.

When it comes to killing a “big buck” nothing is guaranteed. Even perfect scenarios hold variables that are impossible to keep constant. Unlike a math equation, the big buck equation is made up entirely of variables. Every category influencing other categories thus increasing or decreasing the odds of harvesting your “big buck”.  Don’t get discouraged […]

Western Preparation | Progress

25 Feb

Mule Deer Hunting

With the first two months of the year almost in the books the preparation for my western mule deer hunt is going somewhat as expected. I have been doing tons of research on where to hunt, hitting the gym as often as possible while changing my diet, and have starting accumulating the gear I will […]

Things That Piss Me Off

17 Feb


While you read this please think of things that piss you off then comment below! Whether it’s because of something I did or the actions of someone else, it seems that several times a year I get pissed off due to things not going as planned. Honestly, the only time I get mad is on […]

Hunting Survey Results

10 Feb

Broad heads

Last week I asked you to take part in a short survey about what bow brand, camo brand, tree stand brand, and broadhead style you use. Below are the results from 90 individuals who took the survey. What does it all mean? I’m really not sure, but for some reason I find these statics interesting […]


4 Feb

Dolla dolla bills y'all!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me The above phrase became somewhat popular in the 90’s by a rap group that called themselves The Wu-Tang Clan. So what the hell does a Wu-Tang Clan song have to do with hunting you ask? Nothing! But I’ll answer that question with another question. How much money did you spend […]

Flipping The Switch

26 Jan


I can’t remember the exact day and time the switch was flipped, but I do know the year. It was 2006 and I had just moved back to Iowa after living in Alabama and Georgia over the past year and a half. I had always been an outdoors kind of guy, camping, hunting, fishing… but […]

Hunting Health

22 Jan

Unlike my Nebraska trip, I will be fighting thinner air and steeper inclines.

“Iowa Man Dies of Exhaustion During Western Hunt” would be the headline if my Idaho hunting trip started tomorrow. Daniel Keith Johnson, 34, of Swisher, IA was found dead 100 yards from his vehicle in Idaho last Sunday. A spokesperson for the National Forestry Service said that there doesn’t seem to be any foul play […]

Now What?

13 Jan

Shed Hunting

For the second year in a row I am forced to eat Tag Soup. It’s not the first time I’ve eaten it, and it won’t be the last. Some years it tastes bland, while other years it taste like shit. This year was wasn’t the worst season I’ve ever had, nor was it the best. […]

A Season of Trail Camera Pictures

7 Jan


Whether it’s summer and I’m trying to put together a hit list for the upcoming season or during the hunting season and I’m trying to locate a buck, one of my favorite things to do is to check my trail cameras. I guess it’s the anticipation that I love. There’s nothing better than flipping through […]

Setting Goals For 2015

3 Jan

Here's Ryan Eyberg in all of his glory. Another awesome story of a buck that we have been chasing for the past couple seasons.

2014 was one hell of a year, in and out of the tree stand. As far a hunting is concerned and as most of you already know, my main focus this past bow hunting season was to film my good friend Ryan on my hunting properties in Iowa. Because of this I didn’t get too […]

The Last Hurrah

1 Jan

Here is one of my trail camera setups overlooking a drive between a corn and bean field.

This year it seemed like the rut went by so fast that it didn’t even happen. Now that the hunting season is almost over I am going to give it one last Hail Mary attempt before I hang up my bow. And, as we all know, the late season can be can be very challenging. […]

2014 Rut Recap: The Bottom

23 Dec

Ryan drawing back his bow checking this shooting lanes.

Although I am blessed to have some pretty good hunting ground, there are both positives and negatives to hunting a larger farm. I know this is a good problem to have, but as we all know the view from a tree stand is a lot different from the view out of a trail camera. The […]

2014 Rut Recap: Two-Track

26 Nov

Two days after Ryan missed   No Show he showed back up on trail camera on a well known scrape on an old two track

  As you can imagine both Ryan and myself were pretty bummed about missing No Show Jones on the morning of the 7th. But, like all hunters we had to move on and keep grinding it out. We bounced around to a couple more locations in hopes of giving the marsh area a couple days […]

2014 Rut Recap: The Marsh

20 Nov


Sorry it has been a while since the last post, as you can imagine I have been kinda busy. I am going to break down Ryan and I’s vacation in to three different blogs by the three different location we spent the most amount of time in.  Not really sure where to start… so I guess I’ll just start […]

The Calm Before The Storm

30 Oct

This is a new buck to the property and he looks to be mature. Who knows?

Typically I have seen good deer movement the last week of October. The bucks are starting to get on their feet a little earlier and head back to their bed a little later, stopping along the way to freshen up their scrapes or scent check any does that they run in to along the way. […]

Public Service Announcement

30 Oct


  I hope everyone is having a fun and wothwhile hunting season so far. As this week draws to a close many of us will be using vacation days from work and spending a good amount of time in the timber. I myself will spending a mixture of time filming and hunting over the next […]

A Weekend With Ryan

24 Oct

Ryan Hero

When Ryan told me he was excited to have drawn his Iowa tag I knew that was an understatement. Coming off a fresh vasectomy and a weekend at the in-laws I knew Ryan was ready for some T.S.T. (tree stand time). Checking in Friday periodically during his trip he let me how fast he was […]

Getting Closer

16 Oct

Mark Kenyon October

Going in to this second weekend of the season my goal was to redeem myself from the debacle that was my opening weekend and try to arrow a doe. I fixed my bow, re-sighted it in and was comfortable once again with my shot. I was about 20 miles away from the farm I was […]

Think Before You Call

10 Oct

Here is one of my trail camera setups overlooking a drive between a corn and bean field.

Like I have mentioned a thousand times before most of my hunting education has come through failing then learning from those mistakes. So when it comes to calling at deer I have received one hell of an education over the years.  In a perfect world we would never have to call at the bucks we […]

Opening Weekend Bomb

9 Oct


  I’ll start this blog entry off as I was pulling in to the farm drive this past Friday. To say I was excited for my first hunt of the year would be an understatement. I came right from work so I quickly changed in to my scent-free hunting clothes, through on my pack and […]

Luck vs. Skill

1 Oct

Johnny Utah

I guess this is me complaining… We have all heard stories of the 13 year old kid who goes out on their first bow hunt and kills a giant. Or the story of the first time hunter who knows absolutely nothing about deer and their first time on public land shoots a booner. Honestly, these […]

The Final Countdown

22 Sep

Here's Ryan Eyberg in all of his glory. Another awesome story of a buck that we have been chasing for the past couple seasons.

Some of you live is states where the bow season has already started while others like myself  are still drooling at the mouth waiting to get in the timber and get this party started. This weekend I had a couple small tasks I needed to complete before the season starts in nine days. Sunday morning […]

In The Hills

18 Sep

Beautiful views as far as the eye could see.

After eight hours of work on Saturday I was out the door and headed back home to switch vehicles, say goodbye to the family, and hit the road west to Nebraska. For the most part I had everything loaded in my truck and was 99% ready to go chase deer and antelope in the sand […]

The Hit List – Part 1

27 Aug

Finding pictures of big bucks when you check your trail cameras is one of the best feelings ever. But, still not as good as sex.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… I’m not going to try and do any fancy writing because the pictures are going to do all the talking. This past weekend I went in to the timber and the fields of Iowa and checked my cameras for the 3rd time this summer. For the most […]