The Velvet Rut – 1st Card Pull

17 Jun

This past weekend I fought off the bug invasion and headed out to the timber to check my trail cameras for the first card pull of the year. Needless to say I was extremely excited, as I am every year, to see what was captured.


Whitetail Hunting

A little palmation goes a long way. I have a feeling this guy is going to be a freak.


When I started flipping through the pictures of the 4 cameras I had soaking for a month I didn’t have very high expectations knowing that the amount of growth would be minimal. But, I was excited none the less. I even waited an entire month this year to set out my trail cameras to prevent additional pressure to the area.


Whitetail deer velvet.

I’m guessing this buck is a 3 year old but is already past the ears.


I can typically identify a buck that I have been watching over the years by a split ear, scar, or other body marks, but on this card pull I was unable to figure out if any of the bucks that are returning from last year. That will more than likely come on the next card pull in mid July.


Velvet Bucks

Of all the deer photographed this young buck is the furthest along.


In total I flipped through 3528 pictures and have spotted 3 mature bucks based on body size along. That’s a really good number considering it’s only June. The next time I check my trail cameras will be ┬áSaturday July 19th when good friend Ryan Eyberg comes to town to find out if he draws an Iowa tag, set up trail cameras, and drink bourbon.


Velvet bucks.

It’s hard to tell from a summer picture, but in my opinion this is a mature buck worthy of an arrow. Hell, it could be Ryan Eyberg…


When it’s all said and done the best pictures are still to come. The more they grow, the more their characteristics will show, giving me a better idea of who I am looking at.


Whitetail velvet buck.

Although this is a crappy picture and the fact this buck has his ears back, but is still┬áreally wide for June. Can’t wait to see what he turns in t0.


Stay posted to The Nine Finger Chronicles Facebook page for more pictures as I get them. Also, feel free to post and share some of your favorite velvet rut pictures as you get them. GOOD LUCK!

The bugs were crazy that day!


Thanks for reading and spread the word,


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