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20 Oct

The smile says it all, congratulations Thomas!

The smile says it all, congratulations Thomas!


October 9, 2015

I was hunting a new property in Ohio I had just got permission to shed hunt that spring. I was hunting on 40 acres of timber surrounded by cut corn. I was in a tree stand 20 yards off of the field, on a ditch line that runs threw the property.  I had seen some small bucks and a few young doe there a couple weeks prior, but no shooters. I was starting to have my doubst about the property because I had not seen any mature deer in person or on my trail camera.

I decided to call off of work that night based on temps dropping 20 degrees in the past 24 hours, the right wind for that particular stand, and I saw a post on The Nine Finger Chronicles Facebook page about barometric pressure going up in the Midwest. I took a shower, packed all my scent free gear in my car and headed out to my stand location. I got to the farmer’s house around 3:00 PM, changed my clothes, sprayed down with scent killer spray and made my way out to the stand.  I decided to take a longer route to my stand that way I would be up wind of any deer in the timber. I sat down and was ready to go around 3:45 PM.

I was about two and half hours in to my sit and I had yet to see a single deer. Around 6:40 PM, I heard a big branch break in the timber in front of me on one of the main deer trails. I looked up and saw tall tines coming down the trail. I knew right away he was a mature whitetail, and a deer I wanted to shoot. Immediately, I started to shake and my heart began to pound in my chest. I tried to calm myself down, but buck fever had a hold on me and it felt like I had no control. The buck began to move very slowly down the trail in front of me; he was 20 yards away and I got to full draw but I didn’t like the shot because a branch was in my way. I very quietly let my bow down and waited for a better shot. He moved down the trail very slowly, taking his time watching and smelling for predators. He never knew I was there; I thank God he was up wind of me. He got 15 yards in front of me, and he was slightly quartering away and I knew I had to take the shot now. I got back to full draw, placed my pin behind his front shoulder and carefully squeezed the trigger. THWACK! The arrow smoked him, a little less then half of the arrow was sticking out when he tore off down the ditch line into the thick timber. I heard crashing then suddenly… silence. I thought he either went down, or jumped that ditch and I couldn’t hear him anymore.


Not a lot of blood, but the arrow and broadhead did their jobs.

Not a lot of blood, but the arrow and broadhead did their jobs.


I then called my fiance, pumped up and shaking like a leaf. She didn’t answer, of course. I called my buddy, Caleb, and told him what just happened. We decided backing out is the best thing to do for now. It was dark by then so I walked to my car and waited for my buddies to arrive. Two hours later we started tracking, we looked around the area and found no blood. My heart sunk. They reassured me that we would find this deer but I was so nervous. We moved down the ditch line and found little specs of blood. About 10 yards further and we found my arrow, and then got on a great blood trail. About 20 more yards- there he was. I fell to my knees in relief. I couldn’t believe it. He was a lot bigger than I thought. All the hard work had paid off. The days and hours scouting, shooting my bow, listening to podcast and reading articles. I had finally done it; I put down my first mature buck!

My Keys to Success

Mother nature: I think the temps dropping, the right wind for my stand, and barometric pressure going up all helped me kill this buck.

Wired to Hunt and Nine figure chronicles: Listening to every podcast episode, reading just about every article and actually putting it into play when I hunt.

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  1. Brett Howard October 22, 2015 at 2:17 am #

    great job Tommy !! learning the importance of wind / scent control etc etc and putting it in action not just hearing it and taking the easy lazy chance by not adhearing to it. and most of all Patience in hours and hours of sitting and learning and passing up young shooters. a new Real Bowhunter has crossed the river into the Fred Bear catagory ! cheers enjoy your meat. (WILDMAN)

  2. scott clarke October 23, 2015 at 1:33 pm #

    Congratulations. Awesome deer. Great job on the patience and keeping your composure. Good job leaving and not go chasing after the buck. So many make that mistake and never recover theyre deer.

  3. Tommy Arnott October 23, 2015 at 3:23 pm #

    Thank you guys!

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