Opening Day Reminder

1 Oct

Today is opening day in Iowa. I don’t know about you, but I’m freakin’ excited. The crops are coming out, the leaves are beginning to change, and the moment us bow hunters have long awaited is finally here. But let’s, if only for one moment, turn the excitement level down and focus on some very important details.




Hunting is a sport where a living creature’s life is taken from it. It is our responsibility to make sure that we make the quickest and cleanest kill we possibly can. This means that we need to be accurate with our weapons. Whether you hunt for meat, maturity, or inches, it’s important that you’re making the highest percentage shot you possibly can. There’s no need to fire an arrow through the brush, take a shot longer than your comfortable range, or shoot a deer in an area that would have less than fatal results.

If you owned your own piece of property, how would you feel if you were trespassed on? How would you feel if your tree stands or trail cameras were tampered with? Or, if someone took actions to negatively affect your hunting? Don’t go to the dark side, it’s not worth it. The DNR is there for a reason, although sparse in some states, it’s the best route to resolve any conflict.

It comes down to right and wrong, and we already know the correct answers.


This is common sense. Big bucks, at times, can act like blinders. We forget to think about our own safety and the safety of others. I know guys who have been shot by other hunters, been stabbed by a lose broadheads while climbing out of a stand, and one that will never be able to hunt again because they thought a safety harness wasn’t important. Your life and the lives of the other you are hunting with are not with whatever it is that you are hunting for, no matter how big the rack. The reason I don’t gun hunt anymore is because about 7 years ago I was almost shot during a deer drive.


I know for most of us the family tends to take a backseat during the hunting season. But we need to remember that family is the most important part of our lives, so don’t ruin it. Early season is a perfect time to get the family involved… that is if they want to be involved. For the most part my wife is clueless about deer hunting, it is my responsibility to provide her with as much information as possible. For example, I might not be able to hunt tonight because of a scheduling conflict. As I walked out of the door this morning she asked if I could get out of work early today and hunt from noon to 4:30 then go pick up the kids from daycare. God bless her heart that she was thinking of an alternative, but then I had to explain to her about hunting the early season and the times that deer move.

Experience Nature

There have been times over the past nine hunting season where I have been so obsessed with chasing “the one” that I haven’t stopped to smell the roses. There are other things in the forest besides deer. Remember to open your eyes, ears, and your soul, and let nature in. While you’re sitting in your treestand this season don’t forget the real reason you hunt, why you started in the first place, and just be.

Good luck to all of you this season, and as always, thanks for reading,
Dan (DFW)


4 Responses to “Opening Day Reminder”

  1. JGP October 1, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

    Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Josh Shaffer October 2, 2015 at 3:05 am #

    Dan, good post! A few good topics we all need to stop and ponder before heading afield. Thanks for the read, keep them coming.

  3. Jeff October 2, 2015 at 11:02 am #

    Thanks again Dan for all the great reminders. To other hunters as well, to piggy back on wearing a harness, please, please be careful about old wooden stands, broken backs are not fun.

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