Attention Deficit Disorder

16 Oct

To be honest I should have taken today off work. I’m so jacked about this cold front coming through that my mind is mashed potatoes. I will do my best to focus at work and at least try to look like I’m doing something productive. For those of you who sit in front of a computer here are a couple websites to visit if you don’t feel like doing actual work.

Wired To Hunt – This website has a ton of information for the whitetail enthusiast. Not only are there several articles pertaining to hunting strategy, there is also a podcast that I am partial to… because I am the co-host. Mark and I have interviewed some of the greatest whitetail minds there are and they provide tips to help you while chasing these animals. Р Although there are thousands of hunting related videos, my favorite videos are when someone accidentally get kicked in the nuts or when some drunk redneck tries to do a flip off the roof of his trailer and ends up landing on his face. I can literally spend hours on this site if uninterrupted.

Midwest Whitetail – More whitetail hunting videos with tons of information that could help you track down and kill one of your target bucks.

Carbon T.V. РLiterally everything you could ever want to watch as an outdoor enthusiast. Bull riding, gun shows, and every kind of hunting there is.  One of my favorite shows is Behind The Draw.

These four websites should keep you busy for the hours before you head to the field. Just don’t get busted by your boss if they come walking by your cubicle.

Good luck this weekend,
Dan (DFW)


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