Archer & Hunter – Levi Morgan

16 Apr

Last week I had the pleasure of having a short conversation with one of the best compound archers on the planet. In the 45 minutes that we spoke I realized the passion he had for his family, the sport of archery, and hunting.      Believe it or not, the first arrow Levi Morgan ever […]

Whitetail Memories

14 Apr

  Saturday morning while I was giving my garage a thorough spring cleaning I ran across something that made me stop and do a little reminiscing. I opened up a 55 gallon trashcan where I keep all of my smaller and chewed up sheds. Laying right on top of the pile was the rack of […]

Whitetail Mistakes | Video

7 Apr

  If you ask any long-time bowhunter if that have ever made a mistake while in the stand and they say “No”… their lying. Bowhunting is a sport of trial and error. Making a mistake and then  learning from it. Honing your skills with every encounter in hopes of getting within range of one the […]

Edward Scissorhands | Video

3 Apr

This video clip is a little long, but I left it as is because I wanted to show everyone the way these animals behave. How they can materialize out of nowhere and stand perfectly still for several minutes. Enjoy…     At the beginning of every season I do my best to put together a hit-list of bucks that […]

The “No Show Jones” Encounter

1 Apr

The past 2014 bow season we were blessed with the opportunity to chase a beautiful mature whitetail we gave the name “No Show Jones”.  He was showing up regularly on three different trail cameras that were placed in specific locations in hopes of patterning his movement.  We played cat and mouse with this buck for […]