Go Home October Lull…
You’re Drunk

6 Oct

Will someone remind this mature buck to stop moving during daylight hours... It's the October Lull!

lull – a temporary pause or decline in activity “Dude, why are you even hunting, it’s the October Lull”. If I read one more article or hear one more “professional” mention the middle of October as being a lull in deer movement I might just blow a gasket. I know what you’re thinking, I’m going against […]

Opening Weekend

6 Oct


The moment all of us have been waiting has finally arrived. It’s bow season! Like most of you, this week my life productivity was very low. Checking my phone, what felt like every 10 minutes, for up-to-date weather forecasts in order to know the right wind direction. I wonder how much time I spend on […]

Opening Day Reminder

1 Oct

After the morning hunt on Saturday and before my leaking tires we checked a couple trail cameras.

Today is opening day in Iowa. I don’t know about you, but I’m freakin’ excited. The crops are coming out, the leaves are beginning to change, and the moment us bow hunters have long awaited is finally here. But let’s, if only for one moment, turn the excitement level down and focus on some very important […]

Sharing Property With Other Hunters

24 Sep

One of my Coverts waiting on a fence post.

Unless you are blessed with owning or leasing your own property or have sole permission to hunt a private farm, you are more than likely sharing hunting rights with other hunters. Especially if you only hunt public ground.     Over the years I have come in contact with several different personalities while hunting, most […]

8 Days Until Bow Season

22 Sep

Here is one of my trail camera setups overlooking a drive between a corn and bean field.

Now that I’m back from my Idaho trip there are only 8 days until Iowa opens their archery season. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. In the next 8 days there are still a couple of tasks I need to complete before I climb in the stand for the first time. Here they […]