Moving On

31 Mar

By guest writer Brent Gargasz Spring of 2013, this was the first time I laid eyes on the deer that would encompass my mind and become a focus of every whitetail related task I would complete for the next 2 years.   I’m not one to brand a deer with a witty name, I’m not against […]

Whitetail Dilemma

30 Mar

  Life is full of tough decisions. For example, deciding when to quit a job and find greener pastures, when to marry the woman you have fallen in love with, or when to pack up and move to a new state. Decisions like these come with their fair share of stress and can often throw […]

Becoming A Better Predator

25 Mar

The first time I met our guest writer we were the worst of enemies staring across the line of scrimmage at each other in what was one of the all-time greatest athletic rivalries in the history of history. Now Matt Doughty is keeping the people of Des Moines, IA in tip-top shape. During a conversation we had […]

FREE Predator Camo

23 Mar

As we continue to celebrate The Nine Finger Chronicles being a year old as well as a couple social media milestones. Predator Camo has decided to join us in the festivities and giveaway a FREE Adrenaline Jacket (By the way, this Jacket is bad ass.) Here’s how to win… 1.) Comment #PredatorCamo in the comments section below. […]

The Big Buck Equation

19 Mar

When it comes to killing a “big buck” nothing is guaranteed. Even perfect scenarios hold variables that are impossible to keep constant. Unlike a math equation, the big buck equation is made up entirely of variables. Every category influencing other categories thus increasing or decreasing the odds of harvesting your “big buck”.  Don’t get discouraged […]