Luck vs. Skill

1 Oct

I guess this is me complaining… We have all heard stories of the 13 year old kid who goes out on their first bow hunt and kills a giant. Or the story of the first time hunter who knows absolutely nothing about deer and their first time on public land shoots a booner. Honestly, these […]

The Final Countdown

22 Sep

Some of you live is states where the bow season has already started while others like myself ¬†are still drooling at the mouth waiting to get in the timber and get this party started. This weekend I had a couple small tasks I needed to complete before the season starts in nine days. Sunday morning […]

In The Hills

18 Sep

After eight hours of work on Saturday I was out the door and headed back home to switch vehicles, say goodbye to the family, and hit the road west to Nebraska. For the most part I had everything loaded in my truck and was 99% ready to go chase deer and antelope in the sand […]

The Hit List – Part 3

3 Sep

As we all know patterns change, feeding habits change, and deer move to new locations throughout the year. With that said, I am not expecting everyone of these deer to stick around during the entire season. Historically I have see a huge shift when the crops start to come out. All it takes is one […]

The Hit List – Part 2

29 Aug

All I can say this year is that Ryan and myself are truly blessed when it comes to the quality of deer we will be hunting this fall. The age structure of this years crop is very impressive. If we play our cards right, we should get a crack at a buck at least 4 […]