Mineral Station Success

19 May

  As most of you know my son was born on the 26th of last month, so I’m blaming him for not getting my trail cameras and mineral stations out until this past weekend. Usually they would have been soaking for about a month and I would already have a good idea of what deer […]

Run-N-Gun Essentials

12 May

I have had several individuals contact me through email and social media over the past year asking me about the gear I use for a run-n-gun setup and how I use it. The following is a result of the those requests.     Like I have mentioned several times before, I try to have as […]

Tree Stand Micromanagement: Part 2

8 May

Until last year I had almost ignored this part of the farm. I thought is was too close to the house and there wasn’t a enough sign for me to pay any attention to it. That was until I hung a trail camera in this pinch point in early September (near old stand location). I […]

Huntin’ Truck

6 May

  I love my truck. Like a loyal woman she has never failed me. If she had a name it would probably be something like Rhonda or Barb. And although time has taken its toll on her, she remains a crucial part of my yearly whitetail endeavor. Since I purchased her in 2005 I have […]

My Bucket List

22 Apr

My son, who will be my second child, will be born any day now. And for some reason I have been doing a lot of thinking about my future and the future of my family. One of the things that I have been thinking about are all of the hunts or adventures I would like […]